Blue Eyed Beauty

by Z3R0

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released August 23, 2017


all rights reserved



Z3R0 Tacoma, Washington

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Track Name: The Chance
-Verse 1-
Back on the scene since a minute ago
Fast track to these girls I ain't getting to know
Cause most are wack, and they only tryna steal your soul
But I'm looking for someone who can be a little more.
It’s not that I need a chick to complete me
I really just want somebody to share these feelings
And I'm feeling kinda lonely
I just need a girl to blow me

Half pause got you thinking like
Yea naw that didn't sound right
Zero got jokes, right?
I’ll make you laugh, serenades like every night.
Make love and cuddle up under a starry sky.
But what's that? Commitment isn't in your vision?
Down to hook up but a second date with you is fiction?
You really cute girl,
But I don't play that.
I'm gonna pay for your drinks
But let me take that kiss back.

Bounce, move ya booty to the rhythm of the beat though.
I'm tryna feel you but you only wanna sleep though.
I'm catching feelings maybe we can be a thing though?
One chance and I'll be the best that you've ever known.
Naw? Then I guess it's on to the next chick.
Swipe right, swipe left, shit is endless.
When will I ever find my fuckin princess
(I just

-Verse 2-
Back at the bar, stumbling and fumbling with all these ratchet broads
I guess I had too many and my mac is off
It's kinda funny that I'll probably end up jackin off
But fuck it, I'm here
Grab a beer, walk up to this girl, right?
She extra bubbly and her body is so right
Room is spinning but I'm tryna keep my game tight
It's karaoke night so I just grab the fuckin mic
Straight eyes locked
She ain't look away
I knew I had her when I saw the smile on her face
So I killed it, hoping things would go my way
And for a minute I thought everything would be ok
Round of applause, I'm walking off the stage
And I thought it was a good thing they were screaming my name
Then I realize that I'm fallin fallin fallin
Track Name: Blue Eyed Beauty (The Girl)
I just can't stay away from you

As soon as I laid eyes on you,
It took me to a place I've only dreamed of,
The kind of feelings that us artists always sing of,
So Blue Eyes let me spend some time with you.

Oh come on baby won't you ride with me?
Let's hit the beach, I'd love to spend a quiet evening
With you. I promise I'll be good company.
Baby give me a chance and you'll see.

So come on Blue Eyed
Maybe you can change my ways,
Cause baby it's the right time
To change.
Maybe you can change my ways?

-Verse 2-
Mary Jane and you take pics,
And you even watch The Office.
Dream girl comes to mind when I think on the topic
And once we start this ride girl there's no stopping.
I'm always down to talk,
I'm just tryna get you out.
FaceTime is great and all,
But not what I'm all about.
Maybe we can hit the mall?
And get some donuts, or some shit, I don't know.

I don't know how else to say it,
But this feeling I've been chasing
For so long,
It ends with you.
Baby I can see it all.
The Dream. The Fall.
The late night video calls.
The walks in the park while holding hands, I see it all.
Baby I can see it all
The Dream. The Fall.
Track Name: The Fall
She's better than you know
I've been waiting for so long
She's better than you know

-Verse 1-
Girl it seems like
I'm steady falling for your heart,
And I've never felt like this so please forgive me if I
Try to hold on just by holding you in my arms.
But can you really blame me for feeling you baby?
Let's bounce.
Maybe we can go spend some time with the nature and some trees though?
Maybe we can go hit the mountains, take a hike, hit the beach though?
Maybe we can go spend a night
on the town guided by the street lights,
As long as I'm with you
Baby everything is alright.

-End BG Vocals-
I'm falling for you everyday
Won't you be my lady?
I'm just hoping that you'll stay,
We can find our way.

-verse 2-

I've never really had a good reason
To open up my heart, fear of bleeding.
But what is this affection that I'm feeling?
I've lost control, and now I'm not breathing,
Just thinking bout how you could leave me without any reason
There's a reason I got doubts baby.
You make me feel like I'm alive lady.
But I've been damaged in the past
So I'm always looking out for myself lately.
Sorry but that's just the truth
And I think it's time to turn a new leaf.
I think I'm gonna take The Fall.
Track Name: The Dream
-verse 1-
Take me by your side.
If just for a moment, I'll cherish the moment.
And I can't explain why
But the way this is going I'm not moving on.

-Pre Chorus-
It might seem like I'm just blowing smoke
But you should know that it's all real.
Girl I feel like you're my one and only
And I've got some plans for you and me.

Baby won't you share this dream with me.
Girl you're everything I need.
(I just can't stay away from you.)

-verse 2-
Girl let me
Take you on a ride.
Just go with the motion.
Our love is an ocean
Grander than the starry night sky.
I'll hold you forever, if forever is what you want.
Track Name: The Trip
"God, please be my girl."
"I don't want to start anything before I leave though."
"What do you mean?! This is already started baby!"
*laughing again*
"I know but we're gonna be so far away from each other."
So does that really mean we can't be together right now though.
I mean, we're doing all the same shit without the title.
So what's the problem?
"Why do you NEED the title?!"
"Look I don't even know how else to say it so I'll just break it down."

-Verse 1-
This trip just might
be the thing that changes your whole life.
I get that baby, all I'm saying
Is that love like
ours is hard to come by.
The distance doesn't matter baby.
It's only temporary,
And doesn't change my feelings.
I know you feel the same but
Won't name it when you're leaving.
It just seems like
you've got some plans of your own.

I know you're leaving but I
Just want to name it, we're in love.
We're doing all the same shit,
So why can't we say we're in love?
(And I want you to be my lady, it ends with you.)

-Verse 2-
You always tell me how I make you feel some other way,
And how you smile when you think about me every day.
I'm always thinking bout you too,
Smiling, that's why I've been here devising these plans to make your dreams come true.
I'm just saying that love is love no matter the situation,
But you wanna wait.
Don't get me wrong,
Of course I'll be patient.
I just wanna make this a love to remember
So why can't we start our forever before you leave, if it's not me?
Always funny, make you laugh, right?
Our conversations never bad, right?
I know the sex is good, I'm always there for you, and you know where I'm at damn near every night.
(That's right.)
So your hesitance is making me feel like you might betray me, like you're waiting, debating to see if another just maybe might walk by,
Your perfect guy.
Like you're trying to decide if I'm worth your time,
and that's not right.
Track Name: Blindsided (The Lover)
I knew something was off.
I could feel it in my gut.
I fuckin knew it.”

Blindsided like a car crash
She got me staring at my phone, I'm in awe.
Damn, did she just do this to me?
Numb feeling like I OD'd.
She says she's found a better life, code for guy,
And shit between us can stay the same, but that's a lie.
All I can think is
When were you planning on saying
Your feelings had changed? Did I make a mistake?

Real talk though...

I don't know what to do...

I never thought you would leave
You were my ride or die chick
You got me sitting in my feelings
I'm a mess about it
I can't believe that this is real
And as much as I wish they wouldn't change
Things can never be the same

Culture shock got you on some kinda new perspective.
Whiplash, I just didn't expect it.
You told me that you loved me and I guess I thought you meant it.
Perceptions change, naw I get it,
But really girl, can you tell me straight faced that nothings changed? They'll stay the same?
While he remains in your life? That really isn't copacetic.
Of course I'll be there for you if your car breaks down,
But baby this is too much for me right now.
I'm trying so hard not to fucking break down,
Remembering the times that we spent in your town.
So now I fight with these feelings of what I've lost.
Just looking for some clarity in my thoughts.
I gave you everything I had but,
I guess I'm left to wonder on one thought

What went wrong

What went wrong
Track Name: The Break
I gave you everything.
And after everything
You never even gave me a chance.
I fell for you, I dreamt for you,
And with all that said
You wanna just call it the past?
Well go on then

-Verse 1-
For the mothafuckin last time
I've let you in
I'm not gonna sit here and just pretend
You didn't stab me in the back
Real talk
I ain't never been so mad in my life
Kinda sad how I went ahead and put all of my faith in you
Hoping all the feelings you were portraying were true.
I shoulda known
But I zoned out
Thinking this just might be the end for me.
But now I see
Is just your way of fucking with me.
Never really thought you'd do me that dirty,
But I guess my feelings were different from the start.
Gotta stitch up my heart.
Or let it rot.
Who gives a fuck.
I'll smoke some pot.
And then drink til the sun comes up and greets me

-Verse 2-
Remember when you told me you hated the thought of me leaving
Let's face it
You were really trying to justify your feelings
It was never really about me
It's pretty damn unfortunate I could not see
But the truth is
I tried to give you every single part of me
You'll always be a part of me
You broke my fuckin trust
I don't even feel a little sorry
I'm cutting you out
Playing with these feelings isn't what I'm all about
Please tell me how
You could
Let me open up like that
Knowing you'd be back
With another dude a couple months past
Just cause he comes from your past?
I gave you everything
So now there's no doubt if it's time to sink or swim
It's kinda funny that I'm sitting here still yearning for your skin

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